Component-based development

Development of Object Oriented Software Components, Business Objects, and System Components is an integral part of our methodology. These Objects are used as the building blocks for various applications, thereby standardizing application development and reducing implementation costs. InVision Software considers the confidentiality of its customers' intellectual properties to be of utmost importance.

The granularity of components plays a key role in how effective component-based development can be. These components are very granular and may be reused in multiple application forms. Alternatively, components may be whole application subsystems, such as customer asset management, sales management, and wireless communications. InVision Software can design these components and/or customize components to suit your individual needs.


InVision Software has been successfully providing superior hardware/software manufacturing and consulting services since 1995. We are dedicated to excellence and creating standards that are far ahead of our competition. We commit ourselves to our clients and make sure all their needs are met. We care about helping our clients succeed in the marketplace.

InVision Software consultants undertake tasks such as:

· Software development
· Hardware design and manufacturing
· SDK development
· Project management
· Analysis/Planning
· System integration
· Acceptance testing
· Test specifications
· User documentation
· Training

Our level of involvement can be flexible - just ask for assistance in your project when you need it.

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